The Greenlands Project Inaugural Field Day


Kinship Farms

The Good Dirt on Soil Critters

Did you know that there are more microbes in a handful of soil than there are people on Earth?

Kinship Farms opened the front gate on Saturday 9th September ’23 inviting the local community and travellers from afar to our inaugural Field Day and information event, co-hosted with Carbon8 and with Special Guest Ellen Walker from Earth While Australia, all in attendance explored how the amazing little powerhouses living within our soil are fundamental to healthy food, healthy people and a healthy planet and how you can grow nutrient-dense food on your farm or your veggie garden by being stewards to the environment in which they thrive!

We often talk about soil being “good” or “bad” based on how readily plants grow or how easy it is to cultivate them. By understanding the underlying key to healthy soils through observation and measurement, we can support plants to thrive and unleash the powerful impact of their nutrient density on the world.

The day was full of inspiration, our passionate guest speaker Ellen Walker, took us through the lens of her microscope to meet the who’s who in the underground zoo. The abundance of critters right beneath your feet. The sold out event saw each attendee get their hands dirty during a walk out into the paddock, learning how to use a Soil Micro Biometer and take soil samples among other observations and tests in the field.

After a short introduction a Welcome to Country by traditional owner and keeper of knowledge of the Bindjarab region, Karrie-Anne Kearing, along with words discussing the importance of connection, convergence and collaboration, Kinship Farms launched the event, describing our inspiration and journey to designing the holistic Kinship Farming Model. Kinship Farms will be integrating this into The Greenlands Project, a working demonstration farm following Agroecology and biofarming methods, which work symbiotically to maintain a sustainable and regenerative balance in sync with the natural functionality of the farming eco-system.

Both Michael and Aharon from Kinship Farms advised all in attendance that “the front gate is always open at the Greenlands Project, a demonstration in the transition of a farm into a regenerative agroecology system. A Farm for the Future – Today.!”

This was followed by Kym Wilson, Rachelle Armstrong & Helen McCosker of agricultural charity Carbon8, who shared the Carbon8 story and the gr8 work they do to regenerate the lives and businesses of farmers around Australia. Carbon8 are an organisation created by farmers for farmers, working together to create our regenerative future. Navigating the journey to regeneration is different for each farmer and Carbon8 know it can feel overwhelming to decide where to start and what to do next. Farming is more than just principles, practices, and measurements. It is a deeper understanding of how we connect as stewards with the land.

Kym is an Agroecologist who leads the farm team at Carbon8, with experience and qualifications in Health, Permaculture, Environment Science and Accounting for Nature.  Kym is also an approved carbon farming advisor, a regenerative farming coach, and a farmer with her husband Ian on the Granite Belt in Southern Qld.

Helen is a co-founder of Carbon8 Fund Ltd and wife to fourth-generation farmer Mike McCosker.  Together they run a 3000-acre farm outside Inverell NSW. Her belief in enabling real change through collective action and innovative pathways underpins her nearly 20 years of work in regenerative communities. Recently, she received the National Carbon Cocky Award from the Carbon Farmers of Australia, a prestigious award that recognises her outstanding performance in new, carbon-conscious management processes.

Ellen is a founding partner of EarthWhile Australia and keen educator who teaches practices that assist in developing and nurturing healthy, nutrient-rich soil. She works with home gardeners, orchardists, growers, and farmers to develop a deep understanding of healthy soils and how to affordably grow high-quality food in a way that cares for the environment.

Ellen has studied the soil food web and soil microscopy with Dr Elaine Ingham and Dr Mary Cole (pioneers in this field), completed a graduate certificate in regenerative agriculture at Southern Cross University, a Permaculture Design Certificate at Fair Harvest, and Holistic Management with Inside Outside Management and presented at TEDx on the amazing world of soil microbes.

A special thanks to the major sponsor Tribees who’s support allowed us to offer tickets at an accessible rate so that all can attend. Tribees fosters space for an inspired community that values positive change and environmental sustainability. Engage with like-minded individuals, discover innovative, eco-friendly products, and make choices that empower not just you, but the Earth as well.  Join the Tribe and collectively shape a better, greener future.

Additionally, thank-you to those organisations who have spread the love ❤️ and helped us to connect further:

– RegenWA brings together and shares the latest regenerative ideas and projects that are happening around Western Australia, with the intention of broadening the uptake of sustainable land management practices. Check out the Regen WA Conference to be held in the Margaret River from the 5th to the 8th. You can find more information here.

Peel Harvey Catchment Council is a not-for-profit, community based Natural Resource Management organisation that promotes an integrated approach to catchment management and the way we protect and restore the environment within the Peel-Harvey catchment.

– Perth NRM has been instrumental in the establishment of RegenWA, a network of committed WA farmers and stakeholders who are implementing and sharing their experiences in Regenerative Agriculture.

We look forward to bringing more of these events to our little corner of the world. The next Field day already in planning – stay in the loop for more information when it becomes available.